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  • May 21, 2008
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  • A few things to point out.. 1. Linux Developers can earn a whole lot.. As someone already said n I would like to repeat.. firms like Mozilla,Novell pay u a lot! 2. RHCE(Red hat certified engineers) are most sought after professional these days.. Paid really well.. n professionals with similar skills are valued a lot. 3. Linux has such a big market on Server side OS.. And its growing day by day Certainly Linux cannot be ignored! 4. You never heard of a real story where a guy switches from Windows.. Its me who did tht!(Yes I have a genuine copy of win xp too! :P) 5. Regarding device compatibility..I have a ages old cyrix pc(735mhz) still i mange to configure stuff on it..It sometimes crawl in xp..but not so in Linux.With community help at your footstep you just need few hours to get your device work even if its not supported! 6. Havent FOSS like Firefox done equivalent to their paid counterparts? 7. My dad who is just another user with no real knowledge of 'tech' uses FOSS softwares like GIMP, Open Office and ya you guessed it right.. FIREFOX! 8. When it comes to usage on desktop, linux is mostly used by 'power users' n i agree...Have a look at distros like ubuntu..evrything comes ready and working..gone are the days whn u had to mount a partiton n do all such stuff on terminal..... Expereinced users can still enjoy messing up the conf files while others do it frm GUI. Finally Its on your personal choice... My exposures with macs has been quite low..maybe this is the reason I am not able to appretiate their beauty. Although I would love to use them. (The only mac I used was the one in my school MAYO! Ask your brother, mac being so costly our admin made sure nobody messed with it.. n it was mostly kept closed in its cozy box...) I agree, am not a good writer..So do comment... Thanks for taking pain and writing the article.
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    About Linux and Why Nobody Seems to Care