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  • Nov 21, 2010
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  • Now if the developer can just get this to work on the IPad it could solve my problem posting to WordPress. I prefer to write my posts in an external editor as well.
    globalfilmvillage had this to say on Jun 07, 2010 Posts: 2
    MarsEdit 3.0
  • I had a similar experience along with many of the top bloggers in the movie world at the Cannes Film Festival. See my article at The WordPress App doesn't work. You can not paste anything into the WordPress article widget on the desktop. There have been comments that using the HTML editor works and it might be possible to email your story to the blog although I haven't tried that. The low weight of the IPad sold me as it is a royal pain to carry a laptop around a major festival when you are running to 4-5 screenings a day and squeezing in meetings and writing articles on the fly. Looking forward to multitasking as well. Also the WiFi reception is a bit dicey and sometimes you need to enter your password again and again for the same ISP you have been using for days. It just seems to forget some servers. Hopefully Apple, WordPress and the developer community will sort these problems out quickly. There were many Bloggers carrying both a laptop and an IPad at Cannes and none too happy about it. For a consumer it is a great device to get email and web surf. We just need it to do a better job allowing us professionals to get the content out to our readers.
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    Can You Blog On the iPad?