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  • May 14, 2008
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  • Pleasant redesign. Interestingly it has an iPhone look... not sure why yet. Don't see a pean to the old design though. Not that you need one... yet it has been old school practice.
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    Welcome to the New Apple Matters
  • John Gruber has a valid perspective, i think. Though he may not have written it as clearly as one might. The lifecycle of a product, a machine... a technology is not easily viewed from so close. Most in the industry, or who are leading its development often fail to see the long view out of their self-imposed box. The power of today's machines is nothing short of amazing. But what is its best use? Efficiency may be a good word. Yet it is not enough. In the end, most users of the technology find value in the saving of their most valuable and finite commodity... time. M$ with Vista™ have mostly forgotten that. Apple and OS X have not, thanks to good leadership on the part of Apple. It is not how much the technology does for you or how pretty it looks,. its value is in how much it does for you in the least amount of your time—and the learning curve is a good part of that. Little snippets of time saved add up to much more time for other things and to do more things with the technology for that matter. This is the essence of apple... they make it possible for one to do things in an ever shortening snippet of time. You can think of your own examples of how apple products that do this for you. But this is why Apple is successful and will continue to be until they lose their way. But just adding stuff—bloat, just to give the marketing staff some fodder to sell to glazed eyed droolers without the ultimate concern... does it save time?— is just plain foolish.
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    The Coming Leopard Letdown