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  • Really? I can say the same thing about Microsoft extending XP support because Vista didn't quite meet everyone's expectations. Aren't they taking a "step backwards to move forwards in the future" as well? Ah, but you're not going to call them "stunningly intelligent" now are you? I wouldn't either. :P Like Chris H said, Apple wanted to get it out to market as quickly as possible. Good on them to realize that it would piss some people off and thus took this step, but that doesn't make them "stunningly intelligent"; it just makes them "willing to listen to their customers", which is what good companies should do anyway.
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    The Video Generation Has Yet To Hit Hard
  • "Which is great, as the fanboys are entitled to their opinions, overly convoluted logic, and mindless devotion to all things i. The rest of the world, the 99.9% that doesn’t spend every waking moment apologizing for Apple, doesn’t care at all." For proof of this paragraph, please see comment #2. :P
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    Five Obvious Mistakes and How Apple Made them Work
  • @ahmlco, Re: iPods running OSX. You're talking about that RDM piece, right? Its source is an April Fool's Joke, so take that article with a grain of salt. Not to say that iPods won't eventually run OSX; his Steveness himself has said so. @ChrisH: Great article! Nice to a piece that takes a look at the situation objectively without unnecessary bashing. I especially like this line: "Ironically, the best thing that could happen for Microsoft is for the iPhone to sell well". So true. @Robo: "RIM will concede defeat and crown the iPhone king of smartphones in due time" Um, right. It's still too early to tell. Everyone expected RIM to slowly decline when the iPhone came out; instead, its stock went gangbusters. It'll be an interesting fight, though...will they replace "Blackberry Thumb" with "Apple Arthritis"? :)
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    The OS Wars Are Back
  • We could very well do that in other ways with our hands. How about a Morse code-type system? Or chording with two hands? Or a kind of sign language variant? Gestures? So you'd force everyone to re-learn a new method of entering text? Reminds me of that group that wants to redefine how words are spelled--these guys: You'll have to undo hundreds of years of education and sheer inertia. Just because studies show that a certain way is better and faster doesn't mean people will use it. Your Dvorak keyboard suggestion is a perfect example--it's been out for a while now, and studies show that it's faster than a QWERTY keyboard, but you don't really see that many Dvorak keyboards out there, do you? I doubt Apple would do it--it'll run counter to the "It Just Works" mantra. Regular people won't be able to just turn it on and go.
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    The New 12" MacBook Will Have an iPhone-like Interface
  • James, I think Tiger's point is that the Zune isn't a rebranded Toshiba that has already been released to the public; from what I've read about this "Toshiba 1089" it's actually the Zune player itself. Whether it was designed solely by Toshiba or together with Microsoft hasn't really been revealed, so you can't use your links to prove Tiger wrong; in fact, they actually make his case stronger.
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    Zune, The iPod Killer That Never Was
  • Um, last time I checked most of the Google services don't show ads--or if they do, they're unobtrusive. Let's see. GMail: okay, ONE ad, but it's very discreet (just one line of text you can hardly notice). Picasaweb: No ads Google Calendar: No ads Last I checked the Google tools are ridiculously simple to use. My mom (who once said my green CRT monitor was a "colored-display" monitor because green is a color--yes, I'm that old) has a gmail account. If she's a geek, I'll eat a Mighty Mouse. I'm sure Steve Jobs will be happy to get $200 from you, if you want to give it to him; the rest of us poor unfortunate souls will rather spend our money elsewhere.
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    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • $50-$100 per unit to license Fairplay? You're kidding, right? So at least 50% of the retail cost of each unit? No way is anyone going to cut their *own* throat to do that. No way Jobs is that stupid. *shakes head* I may not have that sharp of a "business sense" as you put it, but I *do* have some common sense.
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    Microsoft to Release iPod Competitor
  • Apple license Fairplay? I doubt it. If they do, they'll essentially be admitting that they can't compete one-on-one with Microsoft; also, in so doing, the iPod/iTunes integration will be broken--and I thought that was one of the reasons why the iPod was so dominant? Think about it: they allow Sony, Samsung and Creative to play Fairplay DRM'd AACs--the iPod gets less compelling. They license Fairplay to the Napsters of their world--suddenly people can buy their music from somewhere other than iTunes. Does it all come crashing down? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. The point is, why would Apple risk cutting their own throat in this fashion? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Apple licensing Fairplay--more choice is always good. But from a business perspective, it doesn't seem to make sense.
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    Microsoft to Release iPod Competitor
  • Wait--I thought Apple was refusing to license Fairplay to well, anyone? How can Microsoft license Fairplay if Apple's not allowing it then? Oh, and Microsoft *does* make some good hardware. Their keyboards are good (off-tangent: I read somewhere that Apple refused to license their logo for the MS Mac keyboard, and MS was forced to use a clover symbol), and their mice are excellent.
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    Microsoft to Release iPod Competitor
  • "ergonomically designed computers"?!? What the heck is that? If you mean "ergonomically designed computer equipment", you do know that Microsoft makes some pretty darned good ergonomic keyboards and mice, right? =)
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    Bill Gates' True Legacy
  • I can't believe that a couple of people took the "cat names" bit seriously (both here and over at MDN ). Geez, people, get a sense of humor!
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    Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs in 2010
  • Under your assumptions Apple will have to move customer service out of the country and have some 3rd party company do it on the cheap, just like the PC guys. Might be happening sooner than you think:
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    Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs in 2010
  • milklover, I'm sorry to be a bit rude, but how do you know that your idea of the "big picture" is correct? Unless you're Steve Jobs in disguise...because face it, unless you are, all you have is an opinion of what that "big picture" is (and a pretty big ego to boot). To the rest of us poor slobs who don't quite have your vision, yes, we were disappointed. Yes, the expectations were a bit much, but Apple *did* set the bar quite high. The buzz around Apple nowadays is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because people can't wait to see what Apple will come up with next, and a curse because expectations get set way too high. Microsoft? If Origami delivers even 50% of what the hype is, people will be happy. Heck, look at Vista--it'll be the greatest thing since sliced bread if it's delivered on schedule--despite having all the "cool" features scaled back. All because with Microsoft, expectations are low. Most of the times, Apple hits the mark. Sometimes, though, they miss. Whether they missed badly with this iPod Hi-fi remains to be seen.
  • Adobe *does* offer a $20-off ($79 instead of $99) upgrade from Photoshop Elements 3.0 to 4.0. Just wanted to get that one fact straight. Not that you'd want to upgrade from a good version to a crappy one, but that's a separate issue.

    With regards to the whole XP comparison, look at the Win98 to XP path (from

    WinXP Home upgrade - 94.99 WinXP Home full - 187.99

    Not that you'd want to switch to WinXP, but I would think the comparison is valid in terms of the upgrade path between OS's, no? Regardless of the whole "but MS never updates Windows!" argument.

    I'm with James on this one.

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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User