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  • Dec 13, 2008
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  • I have both Safari and Firefox 3 installed. But neither enabled me to log in on the Visa site. Then I was alerted to the obscure Omniweb browser and lo and behold I could log in and use the site. So I use Safari all day and Omniweb for the sites that do not render correctly on either Safari or Firefox. As for Safari crashes, I cannot even remember the last time that happened.
    Charel had this to say on Jul 31, 2008 Posts: 6
    Firefox 3 Kills Safari
  • Off topic, but you posted an interesting price list. I have put the prices in US dollars at current exchange rates excluding VATax next to them from my local Apple online store. Mac mini: $599, $796 Mac Mini: $799 $1035 MacBook $1,099 $1327 iMac: $1,199 $1593 MacBook $1,299 $1593 MacBook, iMac: $1,499 $1830 / $1925 MacBook Air, iMac: $1,799 $2257 / $2882 MacBook Pro: $1,999 $2389 iMac: $2,249 $2881 MacPro: $2,299 $3320 And does anyone doubt that Apple could have a market share similar to the US's 6% in Europe if they were not so greedy even without the missing tower.
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    The Non Existent Glaring Hole in the Mac Lineup
  • I'll do anything and pay any price to avoid having to listen to adverts.
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    The Greatest Threat, and Opportunity for iTunes
  • The DVD Player in Leopard locks my system with a spinning fireball and no one knows how to fix it. I have been hoping for a fix since the beginning, but no luck so far. Front Row and VLC work fine, but I would like to use the DVD Player's features though. I suppose that striving for perfection is an ongoing process.
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    Leopard: Not Quite Right
  • How true. All you want can be included. It has OSX, fine form and easy functionality. Obviously, to take care of all the features, all you have to do is get a Mac-book Pro. It is a little heavier and bigger, but who cares? You can carry it in a backpack.
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    The iPod touch Coming Up Short? A Thorough Analysis.
  • Nokia has already seen the light. They have started their own software devision. Don't count out those canny Fin's yet.