July 5, 1997: Board asks Steve Jobs To Run Apple

by Chris Seibold Jul 05, 2011

Apple's board of Directors had given Gil Amelio the boot and they knew whom they wanted to take the newly vacated position. A part time advisor that came along for the ride when Apple bought NeXT, a part timer named Steve Jobs.

Before Dr. Amelio's seat was cold, the board was asking Steve to run the company. Steve declined. Undeterred the board asked Steve to take the chairman's seat on the board. Again, Steve declined. The only thing Steve would agree to was a 90 day or less stint where he would step up his activity at Apple and a place on the board. To quote Steve:

"I have another life now."

Ninety days has turned into (as of this writing) 9 years. Steve turned down the chance to be CEO of Apple on this week in July of 1997.


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