AAM: Batch Resizing Photos in iPhoto

by Aaron Wright Apr 23, 2007

Here’s a question that I’ve been longing to hear the answer to for quite a while now: how do you resize a group of photos within iPhoto, or at least on the OS X platform, with ease and simplicity?

Hanushka Master, becoming a regular on AAM now, posted the question a couple of weeks back which was swiftly answered by JustG.

JustG has submitted two answers, one which gives the direct answer, and another which guides us to some pretty clever software. The direct answer is pretty simple and, with the help of LifeHacker, here it is. To resize a group of photos within iPhoto, select the photos and then under File, go to Export, where the Export Photo’s window will appear. Underneath the File Export tab, select the Scale images no larger than option and then input the new dimensions of the photos. Once you’ve checked your work hit Export and select the destination folder on your hard drive where you want the new photos to be saved.

Thanks again to JustG for the answer this week.

Question of the Week

iPhoto Issues

By: Hanushka Master

Is it possible to use iPhoto to resize a bunch of pictures at one go? If I can’t reduce the size using iPhoto then what can I use?

Answer of the Week

By: JustG

Yes, you can use iPhoto. This article at lifehacker tells you how:

If, for some reason, you’d like another application to handle this task, consider Yellow Mug Software’s EasyBatchPhoto:

Hope that helps.

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