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  • Jun 07, 2011
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  • 1080p is spectacular. I love Apple TV... use it mainly for high resolution slide shows with my music. The iTunes HD movies are good... but I don't buy them unless they are unique... rare purchase. Blu-ray is what I want. The 24 hour rule tends to ruin everything. I use DirecTV... but rarely use pay per view because of 24 hour rule, and because Blu-ray is better. I can only handle SD if I psych myself down and consider it a nostalgia experience. No DVD looks as good as 720p, despite the upconversion hype. There is only a slight improvement. A three hour delay to transfer the movie is not an issue for me. But... I don't want to be charged until I start viewing... and I want to keep the movie for more than 24 hours once I do start. Comcast has sent out a mailing advising us of new volume limits... which do not sound like an issue for me. I guess what I would like most is for DirecTV to provide 1080p all around. It seems to me that there should be a fair price to keep a movie on DVR or whatever device... permanently... with perhaps some storage quantity limit we pay to the provider. Isn't that what a DVR service is? Once you fill that thing up... you are paying quite a bit to keep it. I hope we just develop a sensible value. $6 for 24 hours is too much. Maybe $25 for a Blu ray disk is too cheap?
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    1080P, AKA Apple TV's Downfall